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Nice cromartie high school reference at the end.

SentaiNotHentai responds:

you're sharp! Sharper than my strawberry shortblade!

Two great destiny man episodes in a row. It's not even my birthday. The only thing that would make me happier is a trip to the walrus pit. All those greasy crevasses and cleavages. Slap slap plap plap.

RIP Laika you were a true hero

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I'm stuck on your riddle tick tock tick tock 300 times that would be 5 minutes, dozen loops later i shall be fine so 12 min later that's 17min total but idk what to do with that, i added it to the clock time thinking 05:32 might be something but yeah I'm stuck. Idk what the hammer chisel and batteries are for either unless the chisel opened the desk drawer when i had it selected. I really like what I've seen but I could use a hint

joeygu responds:

Hi there. "Dozen loops" doesn't mean 12mins, you may consider 300 tiktocs as one "loop", get it? English is not my first lanuage so hope it didn't cause too much trouble.

Everything is useful, you can find hint in those notes your found. Naturelly, hammer and chisel are meant to be used together.

'Fast Chef' I had never heard of momo prior to now. Kind of creepy some psycho may be making kids do horrible things. I was really reminded of Kurama Yakumo from Naruto the face that's shown in peoples eyes when she activates her genjutsu is really similar. https://imgur.com/a/V3wiT2u

i took two lemons from the right box and put them in the left box. have no idea what else to do

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I like it; I could meditate to this

JackAstral responds:

Thanks !

I love just about everything about this except the first line in your chorus seems way to strained/high pitched for your voice

Jacob responds:

Thank you for saying that. It hurts my ears every time, but no one seemed to agree with me. It's hard to discern issues with my own voice, so I really appreciate the feedback. High C# was a poor decision at this stage in my vocal development, haha.

I don't have any criticism worth passing on, just can't stop listening to it

Lundsfryd responds:

Oh well :) Thank you for the support!

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I think this is the greatest censor job i've ever seen

you really gotta put some blue arrows on the guy

Is sonic faster than pikachu's lightning? That's something I would like to find out

Nothings imposible not if you can imagine it

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